Rediscovering the Herbal Bath


I really don’t know what plant this is but it is sure pretty!

Why, hello there.

2015 was an odd year for me but I am glad to be back.

This topic is something I have used for decades as a tool of cleansing and healing. Recently, I have rediscovered it as a tool for rejuvenation as well, especially since the rise of the essential oils of herbs and flowers for everyday use.

While this can be a very extensive topic, I will be focused on the basics in this post. It may seem that you just empty your spice rack into hot water, but there are some procedures that you can do to get the most benefit from doing an herbal bath. Herbal baths are for magickal or meditative use only, don’t expect medical benefits.

The Role of Supplies

Unless you insist on scrubbing your bathroom and cleaning your pipes after each one of these baths, I would like to introduce you to the item called a sachet. [Sash-aay] Women may automatically know what they are due to weddings, and valentines, and candies, while men may know them as those tiny see -through bags that make things fancy. You are both correct. These little bags made of linen, plastic, or other types of water resistant material that should hold your herbs. You can use herbs from your spice rack, but these little bags prevent the hundreds of tiny leaves from getting stuck to the tub or clogging the drain. When using herbs that are not ground into a fine powder, use sachets. They are dirt cheap on Amazon for packs of 100 or at craft stores.

The herbs you want to use depend on what you want to accomplish. Any herbs themselves will do, but people may argue that organic is best. I use organic herbs that are either loose, or come in those jars at grocery stores. I will also go to metaphysical shops and buy some herbs there if they are harder to find. There aren’t any real rules to this procedure.

If you decide to use essential oils for a bath, follow the respective instructions on your brand of essential oils. The bathtub is going to act as a giant diffuser, so it might be helpful to consider how many drops to use, as well as the strength of your oil. Raw herbs have an advantage in this way, because usually a teaspoon to a tablespoon will do the trick.

Basic Bath Herb Combinations

Use your intuition. Don’t use an herb without researching it first. Don’t drink the bathwater. consult a doctor if you have allergies. As I said before, this is only for meditative or magickal purposes. [Have I written enough disclaimers yet?] Don’t be dumb. Only doctors can give medical advice.

Rosewater and Orange Blossom Water
I have written about these before, and they are very good energy purifiers. They are often used in love matters, or self-love matters.

Basil and Sage
Besides smelling like a delicious pasta, this combo is great for energy purifier and protector. Basil is mostly used to protect, and sage to clean. I use it when I have ran into many unbalanced people.

If you have excessive fear, anxiety, or worries this is a good one to add. I use it as comfort after nightmares.

Hyssop and Burdock
So, your ex comes back into your life somehow, you’re generally uncomfortable with someone in your life. You just don’t feel right. You feel itchy and drained. Hyssop and Burdock are power cleansers and they also replace that blah energy with some happy, sparkly pure energy in my experience.

Black Walnut
Anytime you want someone to go away and never bother you again, think of that person when you bathe just turning around and walking away. This is the herbal equivalent of “What bounces off of me sticks to you!” That person will not affect you.

All Heal
When you have no idea what’s going on and are confused or otherwise feeling unstable or bad. I typically use it when I know something is up and I have no idea what.

Bedtime bath when you’ve had a bad day.

Meditations and Chants

Say whatever you want to in a bath. It’s your time and your space. Think about how the nice hot water is easing your muscles and taking away all the gook and gunk you’ve had to deal with all day. Imagine your fear sinking into the water, the water turning dirty while the herb gets soaked in, protecting you. Say a prayer, any prayer.

My favorite is this: “Herbs in, poisons out, purify me, support me, and heal me please!”
[The word heal is not literal. This is another disclaimer]

Sometimes I just ask the herb to do its job while I sit there.


An herbal bath is a meditative tool that can help you get a better grip on your energy and feeling in control of the way you feel. It is not a medical procedure.

Use sachets so you don’t have a mess.

Research herbs and essential oils before you put them in your bathtub.

Lastly, enjoy your bath time by breathing in relaxing energy, and breathing out any energetic ick you don’t want in your space.


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