Football Predictions Using Tarot Cards–An Experiment in Free Will

Hello all!! Sorry it has been awhile but I’ve been busy.

This idea came to me as an inspiration based on something that happened a long time ago.

When I was doing my college thesis on neo-paganism and political views, I gave everyone a tarot reading in my thesis class because every day we would discuss someone’s progress and thesis. Someone didn’t tell me their question and I got “Drug use” “Affairs” Injuries! Lying! and it was so obscure, I asked him what on earth did he ask? He responded “Will the Orioles ever make it to the pennant again?”

Oy. A sports question! The problem with sports questions is the massive amount of free will that is inserted into a game. You have dozens of players and a coach all at once making decisions and choosing courses of action. Tarot’s weakness is free will. As long as you exercise your own free will tarot isn’t that helpful. You can take the advice for the result it tells you, or you can reject the advice and go into the unknown.

So, I have asked my cards to help me with this experiment.

How to Read this Post:

1. To find your team on a PC, hit Control + F to open up a Find window, and type in your team’s name.
2. Read this Post as normal.

I am a football fan but I have not looked at the spreads or any type of information other than the cards. I only looked up if Tennessee was playing at home because I drew the “Home” Card for them

Tomorrow, I will post a blog post after the Monday Night Game on my record and what I’ve learned from this experiment.


Thursday Night Football: Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Atlanta Falcons   Atlanta= 56 Tampa Bay= 14

I didn’t even run a predictor on this or else I would have posted this on Thursday. Any football fan, like myself, would have figured this would be the outcome. The Buccs have struggled against even the most mediocre of teams recently, and though Atlanta has had a surprising loss already, they would have gotten their confidence back.

Sunday Football:

Chargers versus the Bills

Chargers: The Hanged Man
The Bills: Wheel of Fortune

So it looks like there might be an upset here if the Bills win. They have a chance! The chargers getting the sacrafice card states that there might be one or two pivotal mistakes that would cause them to lose at this point. If the bills can take advantage of their luck and these mistakes, they can take it all!

Result: Bills over Chargers

Titans versus the Bengals

Titans: Four of Rods
Bengals: Four of cups

Bengals getting the disappointment card can show one of two outcomes; They will play horribly and still barely win, or they will just play horribly and not have any major injuries. The Titans and the Four of Rods shows they will return to the foundations of the game and act like they are playing at home. They will also feel comfortable on the road– it will feel like a home game should to them.

Result: Titans over Bengals– but it may be close or an overtime game.

Packers versus the Lions 

Packers: Four of Pentacles
Lions: Six of Rods

Well, it looks like the Lions are going to win as the 6 of rods is the literal, victory card. That’s what it means. The four of pentacles points to conservatism and holding back, and they should be more adventurous in their playing if they want to have a chance. However, it looks like they aren’t going to do that and give the win to the Detroit Lions.

Colts versus the Jaguars

Colts: The Tower
Jaguars: The Knight of Pentacles

So, this seems like an interesting situation. I was thinking that the Colts would naturally be a decisive victor over the Jaguars but the Tower [as the classical upset card] says “Not so fast!” It is possible that the Colts would sustain a major injury today with the Tower as well, and that would really put a damper on their game. The Jaguars with the Knight of Pentacles show that they will play well against such a seasoned team and won’t have anything to be embarrassed about.

Results: Jaguars over Colts OR Colts barely over Jaguars with a major injury.

Raiders Versus Patriots

Raiders: 8 of cups
Patriots: 5 of Swords

Sorry Raiders fans, according to the tarot the Pats aren’t even going to let them score. The 5 of swords is defending bounderies and chances are it will be a low scoring game on the Raiders part, while the Patriots will claim a decisive victory. The 8 of cups is an emotional leavetaking, so some fans may even leave at halftime.

Results: Patriots decisively over Raiders

Ravens Versus the Browns

Ravens: 10 of Rods
Browns: 6 of Cups

The 10 of rods is the carrying of burdens to victory while the 6 of cups is nostalgia or lingering in the past. I am figuring that the Browns are going to have trouble with play calling while the Ravens are going to win but it will be a struggle, if not physically, emotionally.

Result: Ravens over Browns

Cowboys versus the Rams

Cowboys: 10 of Pentacles
Rams: Two of Swords

It looks like the cowboys are finally going to get in a good win, as the 10 of pentacles predicts wealth and prosperity while the two of swords predicts impasses and trouble. The Rams just can’t make it into the endzone.

Results: Cowboys over Rams

Texans versus the Giants

Texans: Three of Pentacles
Giants: Seven of Pentacles

It looks like the Texans are going to be at the top of their game, while the Giants are going to have to reassess their strategy It seems close.

Result: Texans over Giants

Vikings versus Saints

Vikings: The Hermit
Saints: Knight of Rods

The Saints are clear victors in this match up; the hermit is the introspective card, so this game will cause the vikings to re-watch some videos and hope for better results next week.  The Knight of Rods is a quickening factor, so this might be a quick game with few penalties.

Results: Saints over Vikings

Redskins versus the Eagles

Redskins: 9 of swords
Eagles: Ace of Rods

Sorry Redskins fans, the tarot is not on your side. The 9 of swords is literally grief! It is like ya’ll will be so close but just can’t take it further, while the Eagles with another victory card of the Ace of Rods will take advantage and walk all over the Redskins.

Eagles over Redskins– Decisively, with possibly even more injuries to the Redskins

49ers versus the Cardinals

49ers: Justice
Cardinals: 9 of Rods

This looks to be an interesting game. The Cardinals will ALMOST make it, while the 49ers will have a good game and win. I hope this means they will play fairly as well. The Cardinals are expected to put up a fight. I’m expecting 49ers fans to applaud the Cardinals efforts.

Results: 49ers over the Cardinals, but a close game

Chiefs versus the Dolphins

Chiefs: 9 of Pentacles
Dolphins: The Moon

This looks to be an interesting game as well. The Chiefs will have some isolated players and may depend on only their popular players in order to score. The 9 of pentacles is “going at it alone” and being successful by the efforts of yourself only. The Dolphins may play an emotional game but just won’t quite get there.

Results: Chiefs over Dolphins

Broncos versus Seahawks

Broncos: The Devil
Seahawks: 6 of swords

So this replay of the last Superbowl is going to be interesting as the Broncos are going to fall upon bad habits while the Seahawks are literally going to sail to victory.

Results: Seahawks over Broncos

Steelers versus Panthers

Steelers: Page of Swords
Panthers: Temperance

Note: The Panthers are my team.   Okay, the Steelers are going into the game fighting and waging a sword and giving the Panthers Hell. While, if the Panthers play conservatively and balanced they do have a shot at winning. The Steelers might tire themselves out after the first quarter.

Results: A late in the game win by the Panthers over the Steelers, or a close game with the Steelers winning.


Bears versus the Jets

Bears: Eight of Swords
Jets: King of Swords

Looks like the bears are going to get tripped up and pinned down allowing the Jets to be successful. The Jets will have coaching and leadership on their side, and that may be what springs them to victory.

Results: Jets over Bears


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