Venus Retrograde in Natal Chart: An Unexpected Surprise

This planet has done a lot of damage to some of us. But use it to your advantage and love deeper and carefully.

Since I learned I have had Venus in Retrograde (In Scorpio AND my 12th House nonetheless) I have been weighed down by the impact this positioning has had on my life. This position of Venus has impacted my life in such a heavy way, I decided I wanted to share it.

It is a blessing in disguise.

I love more deeply. I love more wholly. I had to learn this so it has taken until my late 20s to fully understand love and beauty in all its glory. I still have some more growing to do in this first third of my life, because I haven’t had my Saturn Return yet.

Cafe Astrology describes my struggle in general astrological terms, and if you are a fellow Venus Retrograder, most likely yours as well. Click Here for that description.

My hair is a wreck. Constantly. I never know what to wear and that gives me anxiety attacks. Shopping and I are enemies. I like music that no one else does, appreciate art that others throw away, and desire color schemes that hurt eyes.  I’m allergic to make up, like unlikely foods that really should NOT be combined, and have a strange appreciation for what is “ugly.”

I can’t draw, or paint or do anything above what a second grader can do when it comes to the arts.

I was 100% consumed by relationships until my divorce. I stayed with a toxic man for way too long. I had no value unless someone loved me. I had no value unless someone said I was pretty. I wanted to be like everyone else, to be “normal” and to have a boyfriend like so many others did. I didn’t date until college. I had weird relationships with guys who didn’t deserve me. My self esteem was non-existent. I chased have guys who did nothing but torture me, or reject me in the worst way.

I just wanted to be loved.

And it wasn’t until I learned the hard lessons of divorce that it occurred to me that I’d been doing everything so horribly wrong.

Venus in Retrograde in the Natal Chart describes a hard journey of love, money, and self-acceptance. One loves so deeply and so constantly, it is often mistaken for obsession. Relationships are SO important to Retrograders, that they put that before anything and everything.

There is no need to do this. There is no need to suffer. It is about self love first and above all. Then others see your glory.

Even if you are a late bloomer, it is okay. Hug yourself more. Love yourself more. You’re being preserved for someone who deserves you. Just keep your chin up. Take risks. Follow your heart.

Don’t let anyone tell you, you aren’t worthy, that you don’t deserve love. Value yourself above all else. Others should fall in line behind you.

Be proud you took time to learn your lessons. That way you’ll make less mistakes and gain more wisdom to pass onto others.

Dance, even though the stars say otherwise.

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2 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde in Natal Chart: An Unexpected Surprise

  1. I am a Venus Retrograder too (in aries, 8th house). So, no love for me until my Saturn return? I’m only 23 and have had a fair share of disastrous flings.

    • Essentially, what I was saying was that if you do the hard work of growth toward self love you can bring love and romance closer because you would have done a substantial amount of personal growth to sustain true love without any shadows of dependency.

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