A Candle Magick Exercise for Building Energy Sensitivity

Candle Magick is often seen in Movies as an example of spell work. In this picture, the Yellow Aura around the flame is reflected by the yellowness of the candle. This is a very powerful connection.

I have a real life friend (and subscriber) who asked me an inspirational question today, though she did it in her Aquarian 5 or 6 question format. [I miss ya!]  Essentially she asked, “How do I learn to build my intuition and my energy sensitivity?” So I prescribed that she try a candle exercise. Then I realized I had 1 whole hour of downtime in between moving boxes to explain in detail a beginning exercise. So here it goes.

When I was beginning an exploration of magick in all its forms, I was often told that a candle can tell you how sensitive you were to energy. A candle was lit in front of me. I had to take my left hand [My passive or recieving energy hand] and try to draw the candle flame as far up as it would go. The longer the flame, the more energy sensitivity I had.  If I did the same thing with my active hand, I could manipulate the energy and draw it into myself.

A pretty neat concept isn’t it?

On some subconscious level it works. I showed a great talent in all candle aspects and have used lavender perfumed candles and wax to bless people to rid them of their bad thoughts and dreams. Being able to do this requires no skill level and can be a good benchmark of training yourself to be more sensitive.


A candle
Something to light it with
Water to put out the flame if something goes wrong


A ruler

First Lesson: Passive Hand Introduction

If you have NO idea if you are energy sensitive, try to get a red or a purple candle for best results. A yellow candle can work well too, but if you are energy sensitive, yellow candles can pull energy into your solar plexus chakra, and when overcharged, you can get some pretty bad heartburn.

Wave your passive hand over the candle flame a good 8 inches away a couple times. Make sure you don’t burn yourself. The point is to only use the energy of the candle and flame, NOT the actual flame.  Move your hand until you start to feel the energy or heat of the candle. Estimate how far away your hand is or you can get a ruler and measure it. This is your benchmark. Next, put your hand closer over the candle and let it sit there for about 3 seconds. Remember you should still be over the flame and shouldn’t be too close. Draw your hand up and see how far you can push the energy up. Do this about 3 times.

Second Lesson: Active Hand Introduction

Now, do the exact same thing but with your active hand. Your numbers should be greater than your active hand. If they aren’t you are a much better energy receiver than an energy giver. Think of yourself as a sponge.  Almost everyone should be a better giver than a receiver, but emphatic people have trouble giving their energy away. If you are an extra-good giver of energy, you need to be aware that your energy sets the mood and tone, and be mindful of that going into public and other places. You need to be grounded and centered often as you emit large energy waves.

Third Lesson: Energy Transference.

This is the fun part. Take the energy you feel and gather it in your active hand. Gather it in your hand for 5 seconds. Pass that heat on to your passive hand and take note of how you feel. You can also try this with friends and send energy between each other.  If you practice this part, it will be much easier for you to feel the energy of the environment around you.

After every energy transference with other people, you should ground and center [aka meditate and balance out your energies by asking the air or the earth to take the extra energy] and you should drink plenty of water as you will be drained.

I hope this was simple enough for you to practice!  Please leave a comment if you have a question or if something isn’t clear.


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