How to Do The Celtic Cross Spread: A Tutorial in Perspectives

The Celtic Cross in all its glory.

The Celtic Cross in all its glory.

I do a beastly Celtic Cross. I don’t mean animals and griffins popping out of the cards, I mean in the gamer sense, where I have beaten the boss level and and waiting for the credits to roll. I don’t even like to brag, but I am confident.

The first spread I learned was the Celtic Cross. The spread I depend on when someone comes to me helpless or worried or just downright scared is the Celtic Cross.

So I’m gonna share with you what I know.

Cue Pretty Drawing by Moi:

The Celtic Cross Spread in all its glory.

The Celtic Cross Spread numbered and positioned.

1. The Hidden Agenda: Often us readers and the askers are not in control of a situation AT ALL. That’s where the hidden agenda card comes in. If there is something lurking behind the scenes, this is the card to catch it. Draw this card first, and place it face down. Do not reveal it until the present and influence cards have been revealed.

2. The Present Card: This one is easily describable as it depicts what is going on now.

3. The Influences Card: This card is what is externally influencing the current situation.

[Piece the information together now. Come up with the connections between the three cards and then discuss it with the asker.]

4. The Goal or Destiny of the Reading: What is the asker trying to do? This card should answer that question.

5.  Distant Past: What happened in the past that is influencing the present situation now?

6. Recent Past: What happened recently that has further influenced the present situation?

7. The Future: What is going to happen if the asker keeps going along the path the asker is on now?

[Piece the information together now. Reconnect all the cards and make sure you are getting the big picture.]

8. The Direct Revelation: What the asker NEEDS to know in order to affect the present situation.

9. The Environment or Timing: What are the extra external factors that are affecting this situation? What are the current trends that are affecting the asker?

10. The Emotions of the Asker: How does the asker really feel about the situation?

11. The Final Outcome: what is the verdict on how the situation will turn out.

Use this time to connect the future and the Final Outcome cards.

–End Tutorial, Begin Commentary–

The Celtic Cross in a sense tells the asker everything they already know, except for the direct revelation. Why on Earth is this spread so helpful and so popular?

The answer lies in the many perspectives that the asker and the reader are exposed to in the reading. In fact, if all the perspectives were sentient, they’d show entirely different people and entirely different stories.

The past influences are easily the motive: what is the purpose [end result] of this path? The external and internal influences show the many different positions that Time, Environment, Emotions, and Destiny impact a situation. You can tell any vantage point from this reading. You can see where the problems are. You can see what needs to be done to have a better outcome. And in fact, if this multi-perspective reading doesn’t reveal everything, that’s what extra cards are for.

The Celtic Cross is the holistic approach to a problem. Because of this, I call it one of the Problem Solving Spreads that take a lot of energy from the reader because of how many pairs of shoes the reader is putting themselves into.

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