When Tarot Readings Go Wrong

Unsatisfied customers can be hard to handle for anyone.

In any industry, you come across your unsatisfied customers. In the tarot business, things can get quite tricky.

Already you are up against skeptics, unbelievers, and tricksters, so you really have to handle it properly in order to keep your business and your reputation solid.

Two real life examples:

On an online forum I posted a free reading offer and I got lots of takers. Out of about 17 readings, I got a really scathing review. They said I was completely wrong and the whole reading was the opposite of reality.  When they private messaged me about it, they seemed to be slightly okay with it and questioned them even bringing up the question. I had read for them before and they were really happy with me previously. However, by the time they posted this PUBLIC review saying how I insulted them and it REALLY hurt them.

I was really hurt. I was really hurt that I didn’t do a good job for them, that I did not help them, that I did not give them the answer or what they were hoping to hear from the universe.

So what went wrong?

You can give bad tarot readings for several reasons. The most common is that you are low on energy, need a break or a pick me up, and you aren’t listening or feeling the right signals. You might also need to clear your deck. Another reason is stopping and not letting things flow, or being interrupted.  A more common error is probably the one that I stumbled onto in this situation; I used the wrong spread. Because it was a financial question, I used a custom “Money in” Money Out spread that wasn’t consistent with other spreads or situations. Apparently that wasn’t what the asker needed. They need a real solution for their problem.

From the tarot reader perspective, there should be several different answers and solutions to make this situation better. It was a free reading so there is always the offer of doing it again after a certain amount of time. Offering an apology and letting them know it was a mistake is definitely the first step. As long as you are sincere in making it up to them, they should respond positively. If they do hiss and fight back, it is important to understand that you’ve attempted to make amends and let it go.

The second situation:

Two ladies come in to get their tarot read in the shop. The first one that goes gets a $5 spread that discusses things she needs to know about her life and her current lesson. After the reading concludes, she tells me that she has nothing to do with the spread. It has absolutely nothing to do what what she wants or what she needs, and it doesn’t even fit her personality. She then stands up and has her friend get a reading from me. The same idea of the $5 spread happens. I’m dead on with the second lady. She is very impressed with me and wonders what happens with her friend. Her friend even wonders what happened.

So what happened?

I felt as a reader that everything was going fine. Everything in the spread seemed to flow and paint a nice picture. If I did a perfect reading afterward, it probably was not an error on my part. It is quite possible that the first lady was not clear on what she wanted, did not have a particular question, or was skeptical or not truly open to getting her answer from the Universe. Sometimes these things happen, where it just literally is not in the cards for you to answer properly.

The easiest and first thing to do is to offer the first lady’s money back or if it is a larger amount of money, offer a reduced fee. In my case she refused to take her money back since I read for her friend, and thought about that it really wasn’t meant to be. This is clearly the best case scenario.

However, PREVENTION would be the best way to make sure you’re not 15 minutes into a 30 minute reading to find out you’re completely off base. Here are some quick tips:

1. Check in when there is a pause. Make sure the asker is following along and understanding what you are saying. You can switch gears easily in case there is a language issue or the asker isn’t finding the answer they need to know.

2. Ask the asker questions. “This feels right to me, does this answer feel right to you?” “Does this apply to your question or your situation?” “There seems like there is something else popping up during this reading, would you like to refocus the cards?” Asking questions from those just listed or something smaller “Do you have a brother?” would break up the reading and allow the asker be brave enough to redirect or ask something else. You can give a better quality reading if the asker is involved in the outcome.

3. Keeping yourself grounded, fed, watered, centered, smelling good, and engaged. Don’t ignore your feelings or your hungers! The person is more than willing to ensure their reading is done properly than waiting the 3 minutes it will take for you to use the restroom.

4. ALWAYS ask for the asker’s first name or, when asking the deck, making sure the deck and the universe know who specifically you are talking about. I get better results when I am personally engaged with the asker. Plus this is a great way to tell them you’re on facebook, your website or blog, or how long you’ve been practicing. This can also put the asker at ease and let them put their guard down.

Happy Reading!

Praktical Magick ❤



3 thoughts on “When Tarot Readings Go Wrong

  1. Mary says:

    I do not believe my original message or ‘review’ to you was scathing. Privately, to you alone, I said it was wrong – and I was certainly surprised by that – but it was my impression you wanted feedback. But I was not nearly as upset as I was when you said you would alter the reading in 24 hours, and 48 hours later the same, actually quite abusive, reading was still standing in a public forum. I feel I had a right to counter it in the same terms in which it was delivered to me, which you yourself said was ‘snarky’..

    I didn’t question my bringing up the question – which was actually only one word and not a question. I questioned the way I did it, that maybe I should not have followed what others were doing and been so off-handed in my request. I said that to allow you some wiggle room, to distribute the cause on both sides. I said that I would try to focus more because you said you were going to alter it. You didn’t.

    I was not looking for a specific answer from the universe. If i were, I would know what it is and therefore would have already received it. But I wasn’t expecting to be guilt tripped either. And I was expecting the public reading to be altered.

    • I apologize for my delay in changing the reading on the forum as I was reading for quite a bit. I really had no ill intention of leaving it up so for that I am so sorry.

      I have been thinking about this situation and how awful it was so please accept my apology. I have also replaced the reading with a new and proper reading.

      I assure you I meant no harm.

      • Mary says:

        I never thought you meant me harm, but the guilt ‘distortion’ embodied in the notion that the universe exists to teach you ‘lessons’ until you come into alignment with it, is just wrong and incredibly damaging to me, personally. May not be to other people, but it is to me. Love and Peace to you.

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