The Problem of Reading Tarot for Yourself

Sometimes trying to solve a problem from your own perspective is not the best solution.

Sometimes trying to solve a problem from your own perspective is not the best solution.

I was staring at my deck as it had been inactive for TWO whole days and I wondered if it was as restless as I was.

I had been having some brain cramps over where to spend my MULTITUDE of energy that has bombarded me this summer, and decided to read for myself. I did several different spreads about several different mediums on trying to explain my own restlessness and then I drew the scariest card in the whole deck for me…

The Eight of Swords.

The Eight of Swords has two very different meanings even right side up. The need to unpin yourself from some sort of suppression, whether it is a relationship, obligation, job, or family dispute. The second meaning, which I remembered once I looked it up [after I stopped panicking of course] was the need to control one’s obsession with something. It was the obsession that the cards were really trying to get me to control, not the “need to unpin yourself from your whole life” card. Then, it occurred to me.

This is why I pay someone else to read for me when i have a major issue. [This lady, she’s absolutely phenomenal.] I am polluted by my own fears, perspectives, and desires when I read for myself. It is hard for me to speak the truth when the card meanings can vary, strike fear, or be manipulated. The cards invoking your emotions when you are in charge of your own reading is not a desired result at all.

When I give a reading, people will know that I will give the absolute truth because I don’t ever ask for their questions. I tell them EXACTLY what I hear and exactly what the cards say to me. When I read for myself, I am too close to the problem to see it clearly.

And that’s why tarot readers, counselors, financial investors, and a whole bunch of other professions are still popular today; because people always need someone else to point out what they are doing right, wrong, or what they need, especially if they are having setbacks.

So, for now, I’m set on reading for myself for awhile. I should have known everything would turn out fine.


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