Rose and Orange Water: The Energetic Basis of Potions

While mixing potions is not really involved with stones, tarot, or astrology directly, it is a great helper to cleanse an area, focus on love themed tarot readings, and promote good energy in general! Orange Water and Rose Water both have the energetic properties necessary to invoke and banish.

Rose and Orange Water are typically associated with love spells, marriage spells, and other types of these uses. Orange Blossom Water is potent enough for a cleaner energy. Orange Blossom Water can be used with sage to completely wipe an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend essence off pretty much everything.

I wrote an article for Moonwise Newsletter, the newsletter blog for Path of the Moon Collective in Winston-Salem, NC about Rose water, and pretty much everything that applies to Rose Water also applies to Orange Water except for the Cleansing and Purity uses. Feel free to read the in depth article here. [It isn’t that long I promise.]

Using these cleansers and invokers are pretty practical as they are made from common ingredients, however using the distilled form is recommended in case your homemade version is not potent enough.


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