A Stone Meditation

Peach Selenite is a calm stone meant take away creative blockages and pain, while Amethyst is meant for protection against any unwanted forces.

Peach Selenite is a calm stone meant take away creative blockages and pain, while Amethyst is meant for protection against any unwanted forces.

Since humans have been on Earth, we’ve always loved our shiny things.

Everything comes in shiny form, shoes, cars, cellphone cases, dishes, and even furniture now. However, the early shiny things were what are now a 4th grader’s science project. Stones are probably one of the most popular vehicles for color and energy therapy in the healing community and they are an easy to find and somewhat “normal” possession. I’ve been asked about my “Rock Collection” more than once by people who don’t know better. Every single stone is theraputic to me and has a different function and a different meaning.

Stones are probably one of the easiest methods of healing to learn. They will talk to just about everyone. What I mean by that, is that stones offer such a positive reaction in many different kinds of people, from the skeptical to the practitioner. The gut reaction may be, “Oh! That’s so pretty!” but what they are really reacting to is the color and the energy of the stone. Something about that stone is attractive to that person, so the person without even knowing it gets a bit of a healing boost.

I’ve been working with stones since 4th grade ironically, when my teacher, whose husband worked at a quarry, gave us a HUGE bag of stones as a Christmas Present. I remember being one of the only people in the class that was visibily excited and just exclaimed how awesome it was. I touched them. I played with them. I snuggled them. They made me so happy! Since then I got the bug.

But I didn’t understand or know about healing properties until college when I started researching healing methods. Many people are still skeptical that stones have any positive healing properties at all but if you’ve ever felt what I’ve felt holding a new stone, or holding a stone when I need a certain type of healing, it is like a small adreneline rush, but not deep enough akin to falling in love. I feel the energy surge, and with each breath I inhale and exhale, I feel better.

Who can think of a better meditative tool than that?

A simple stone meditation can be practiced daily and here is one of my favorites.

1. Take a stone, any type that you like or think is pretty, or a stone that matches your current problem, and hold it in your passive hand. Righthanded people are Right active and Left passive, while Lefthanded people are Left active and Right Passive.

2. Take deep, counted breaths and with every breath you take inward, imagine the stone breathing with you.

3. Ask yourself, in quiet and with your eyes closed, to listen to what the stone has to tell you. It will tell you things that your inner self already knows that MUST be expressed as a part of the healing process. Listen and take heart to the words. If emotions are evoked, feel nothing but those emotions, whether they are tears or laughter.

4. Breathe again and open your eyes. Look and admire the beauty of the stone. Take note of the color and how your eyes react. Reflect on the color. What does the color mean to you.

5. Put the stone down, breathe and stretch still looking at the stone.

6. Thank the stone for its’ kind words and energy sharing. [That may seem weird now, but you’ll get it when you do this exersize.]

And that’s a basic stone meditation. Therapy comes in many forms, and sometimes holding the perfect stone will be all you need.


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