Energy Chains and Tarot Readings

How much energy are you willing to spend to buy these shoes?

How much energy are you willing to spend to buy these shoes?

I just started reading for the general public in the last year. I went to a popular forum and started to do tarot readings there for free. After the reading, I received a thank you from the person, and then that was it. There was this brief cut off where I had done my job, they thanked me, and my reward would come in many forms from the Universe.

In the 9 years I have read for friends and acquaintances, my tarot readings were always free. I was so excited to be asked to do them, that was reward enough. I needed as much practice as I could get. However, there was always some sort of lingering energy left behind. There was no cutoff, there was no real reward or satisfaction. People kept coming back constantly and they left a door open energetically to me. I would wonder about their readings, and worry about their decisions. They never cut off their energy bridge to me.

Since I have started charging for my readings, I have noticed a drastic difference in my energy levels and client behavior afterward. Some of my friends, as a sign of goodwill have visited me when I do public readings where I must charge to cover my fees, and there is no energy or feelings left hanging. This had me thinking about energy chains.

When you go to a tarot reader, you are asking them to spend tangible and intangible energy, time, and effort into finding your answers. Usually, that exchange of answers and energy is physically transferred in the money exchange.

You spend your energy on earning the money > The money is given to the tarot reader
The tarot reader spends energy on the reading > You receive your answers.

Money then, is an exchange of energy.  I never realized how much of an exchange or chain it is though.

When you choose whether or not to buy something, you are thinking about how much energy you want to spend on an item. How hard was it to earn that money? Money is a reward for your energy. Hence, someone who works hard to make a lot will not be willing to spend a lot, while someone who uses very little energy to make money will be willing to spend more.

Being conscious of this exchange or thought process would help many people save their money, or at least spend it on items or services that they feel they need. People pay me to answer their questions large and small, and I put as much energy as I can into finding those answers, whether the reading is $5 or $30.

How do you exchange your energy without even thinking about it? Is time spent also equal energy spent?  Asking yourself these questions can help you daily, but also help you gauge how much you want to spend on meditative, new age, or divination processes.


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