Real World Magick

As this is the inaugural post of my blog, I wanted to explore what real world magick means.

It is the wish you make for the light to turn green. It is the 10 minutes you spend meditating to clear your mind. It is the five minutes you stick your feet in the grass. It is your wonder and happiness at holding a flower, a stone, or a baby bird.

People of all religions perform magick every day. The power of intention is so important that many do not take the time to examine it daily.

But I do. Even when I’m feeling my most disconnected to the universe, I to take a minute to speak the truth, hold a stone, close my eyes, and thank the universe.

Energy is a neutral entity but many people are sensitive to it. They don’t realize that strong or good or bad vibes can affect them on a subconscious level.  And that’s what I hope to show and teach, that energy and everyday miracles are surrounding us.

I’m a tarot reader with an intuitive gift. This blog is connected to my website. I look forward to sharing with you my perspective, and I hope that it touches and inspires you.

My Website.



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