Rediscovering the Herbal Bath


I really don’t know what plant this is but it is sure pretty!

Why, hello there.

2015 was an odd year for me but I am glad to be back.

This topic is something I have used for decades as a tool of cleansing and healing. Recently, I have rediscovered it as a tool for rejuvenation as well, especially since the rise of the essential oils of herbs and flowers for everyday use.

While this can be a very extensive topic, I will be focused on the basics in this post. It may seem that you just empty your spice rack into hot water, but there are some procedures that you can do to get the most benefit from doing an herbal bath. Herbal baths are for magickal or meditative use only, don’t expect medical benefits.

The Role of Supplies

Unless you insist on scrubbing your bathroom and cleaning your pipes after each one of these baths, I would like to introduce you to the item called a sachet. [Sash-aay] Women may automatically know what they are due to weddings, and valentines, and candies, while men may know them as those tiny see -through bags that make things fancy. You are both correct. These little bags made of linen, plastic, or other types of water resistant material that should hold your herbs. You can use herbs from your spice rack, but these little bags prevent the hundreds of tiny leaves from getting stuck to the tub or clogging the drain. When using herbs that are not ground into a fine powder, use sachets. They are dirt cheap on Amazon for packs of 100 or at craft stores.

The herbs you want to use depend on what you want to accomplish. Any herbs themselves will do, but people may argue that organic is best. I use organic herbs that are either loose, or come in those jars at grocery stores. I will also go to metaphysical shops and buy some herbs there if they are harder to find. There aren’t any real rules to this procedure.

If you decide to use essential oils for a bath, follow the respective instructions on your brand of essential oils. The bathtub is going to act as a giant diffuser, so it might be helpful to consider how many drops to use, as well as the strength of your oil. Raw herbs have an advantage in this way, because usually a teaspoon to a tablespoon will do the trick.

Basic Bath Herb Combinations

Use your intuition. Don’t use an herb without researching it first. Don’t drink the bathwater. consult a doctor if you have allergies. As I said before, this is only for meditative or magickal purposes. [Have I written enough disclaimers yet?] Don’t be dumb. Only doctors can give medical advice.

Rosewater and Orange Blossom Water
I have written about these before, and they are very good energy purifiers. They are often used in love matters, or self-love matters.

Basil and Sage
Besides smelling like a delicious pasta, this combo is great for energy purifier and protector. Basil is mostly used to protect, and sage to clean. I use it when I have ran into many unbalanced people.

If you have excessive fear, anxiety, or worries this is a good one to add. I use it as comfort after nightmares.

Hyssop and Burdock
So, your ex comes back into your life somehow, you’re generally uncomfortable with someone in your life. You just don’t feel right. You feel itchy and drained. Hyssop and Burdock are power cleansers and they also replace that blah energy with some happy, sparkly pure energy in my experience.

Black Walnut
Anytime you want someone to go away and never bother you again, think of that person when you bathe just turning around and walking away. This is the herbal equivalent of “What bounces off of me sticks to you!” That person will not affect you.

All Heal
When you have no idea what’s going on and are confused or otherwise feeling unstable or bad. I typically use it when I know something is up and I have no idea what.

Bedtime bath when you’ve had a bad day.

Meditations and Chants

Say whatever you want to in a bath. It’s your time and your space. Think about how the nice hot water is easing your muscles and taking away all the gook and gunk you’ve had to deal with all day. Imagine your fear sinking into the water, the water turning dirty while the herb gets soaked in, protecting you. Say a prayer, any prayer.

My favorite is this: “Herbs in, poisons out, purify me, support me, and heal me please!”
[The word heal is not literal. This is another disclaimer]

Sometimes I just ask the herb to do its job while I sit there.


An herbal bath is a meditative tool that can help you get a better grip on your energy and feeling in control of the way you feel. It is not a medical procedure.

Use sachets so you don’t have a mess.

Research herbs and essential oils before you put them in your bathtub.

Lastly, enjoy your bath time by breathing in relaxing energy, and breathing out any energetic ick you don’t want in your space.


Football Predictions Using Tarot Cards–An Experiment in Free Will

Hello all!! Sorry it has been awhile but I’ve been busy.

This idea came to me as an inspiration based on something that happened a long time ago.

When I was doing my college thesis on neo-paganism and political views, I gave everyone a tarot reading in my thesis class because every day we would discuss someone’s progress and thesis. Someone didn’t tell me their question and I got “Drug use” “Affairs” Injuries! Lying! and it was so obscure, I asked him what on earth did he ask? He responded “Will the Orioles ever make it to the pennant again?”

Oy. A sports question! The problem with sports questions is the massive amount of free will that is inserted into a game. You have dozens of players and a coach all at once making decisions and choosing courses of action. Tarot’s weakness is free will. As long as you exercise your own free will tarot isn’t that helpful. You can take the advice for the result it tells you, or you can reject the advice and go into the unknown.

So, I have asked my cards to help me with this experiment.

How to Read this Post:

1. To find your team on a PC, hit Control + F to open up a Find window, and type in your team’s name.
2. Read this Post as normal.

I am a football fan but I have not looked at the spreads or any type of information other than the cards. I only looked up if Tennessee was playing at home because I drew the “Home” Card for them

Tomorrow, I will post a blog post after the Monday Night Game on my record and what I’ve learned from this experiment.


Thursday Night Football: Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Atlanta Falcons   Atlanta= 56 Tampa Bay= 14

I didn’t even run a predictor on this or else I would have posted this on Thursday. Any football fan, like myself, would have figured this would be the outcome. The Buccs have struggled against even the most mediocre of teams recently, and though Atlanta has had a surprising loss already, they would have gotten their confidence back.

Sunday Football:

Chargers versus the Bills

Chargers: The Hanged Man
The Bills: Wheel of Fortune

So it looks like there might be an upset here if the Bills win. They have a chance! The chargers getting the sacrafice card states that there might be one or two pivotal mistakes that would cause them to lose at this point. If the bills can take advantage of their luck and these mistakes, they can take it all!

Result: Bills over Chargers

Titans versus the Bengals

Titans: Four of Rods
Bengals: Four of cups

Bengals getting the disappointment card can show one of two outcomes; They will play horribly and still barely win, or they will just play horribly and not have any major injuries. The Titans and the Four of Rods shows they will return to the foundations of the game and act like they are playing at home. They will also feel comfortable on the road– it will feel like a home game should to them.

Result: Titans over Bengals– but it may be close or an overtime game.

Packers versus the Lions 

Packers: Four of Pentacles
Lions: Six of Rods

Well, it looks like the Lions are going to win as the 6 of rods is the literal, victory card. That’s what it means. The four of pentacles points to conservatism and holding back, and they should be more adventurous in their playing if they want to have a chance. However, it looks like they aren’t going to do that and give the win to the Detroit Lions.

Colts versus the Jaguars

Colts: The Tower
Jaguars: The Knight of Pentacles

So, this seems like an interesting situation. I was thinking that the Colts would naturally be a decisive victor over the Jaguars but the Tower [as the classical upset card] says “Not so fast!” It is possible that the Colts would sustain a major injury today with the Tower as well, and that would really put a damper on their game. The Jaguars with the Knight of Pentacles show that they will play well against such a seasoned team and won’t have anything to be embarrassed about.

Results: Jaguars over Colts OR Colts barely over Jaguars with a major injury.

Raiders Versus Patriots

Raiders: 8 of cups
Patriots: 5 of Swords

Sorry Raiders fans, according to the tarot the Pats aren’t even going to let them score. The 5 of swords is defending bounderies and chances are it will be a low scoring game on the Raiders part, while the Patriots will claim a decisive victory. The 8 of cups is an emotional leavetaking, so some fans may even leave at halftime.

Results: Patriots decisively over Raiders

Ravens Versus the Browns

Ravens: 10 of Rods
Browns: 6 of Cups

The 10 of rods is the carrying of burdens to victory while the 6 of cups is nostalgia or lingering in the past. I am figuring that the Browns are going to have trouble with play calling while the Ravens are going to win but it will be a struggle, if not physically, emotionally.

Result: Ravens over Browns

Cowboys versus the Rams

Cowboys: 10 of Pentacles
Rams: Two of Swords

It looks like the cowboys are finally going to get in a good win, as the 10 of pentacles predicts wealth and prosperity while the two of swords predicts impasses and trouble. The Rams just can’t make it into the endzone.

Results: Cowboys over Rams

Texans versus the Giants

Texans: Three of Pentacles
Giants: Seven of Pentacles

It looks like the Texans are going to be at the top of their game, while the Giants are going to have to reassess their strategy It seems close.

Result: Texans over Giants

Vikings versus Saints

Vikings: The Hermit
Saints: Knight of Rods

The Saints are clear victors in this match up; the hermit is the introspective card, so this game will cause the vikings to re-watch some videos and hope for better results next week.  The Knight of Rods is a quickening factor, so this might be a quick game with few penalties.

Results: Saints over Vikings

Redskins versus the Eagles

Redskins: 9 of swords
Eagles: Ace of Rods

Sorry Redskins fans, the tarot is not on your side. The 9 of swords is literally grief! It is like ya’ll will be so close but just can’t take it further, while the Eagles with another victory card of the Ace of Rods will take advantage and walk all over the Redskins.

Eagles over Redskins– Decisively, with possibly even more injuries to the Redskins

49ers versus the Cardinals

49ers: Justice
Cardinals: 9 of Rods

This looks to be an interesting game. The Cardinals will ALMOST make it, while the 49ers will have a good game and win. I hope this means they will play fairly as well. The Cardinals are expected to put up a fight. I’m expecting 49ers fans to applaud the Cardinals efforts.

Results: 49ers over the Cardinals, but a close game

Chiefs versus the Dolphins

Chiefs: 9 of Pentacles
Dolphins: The Moon

This looks to be an interesting game as well. The Chiefs will have some isolated players and may depend on only their popular players in order to score. The 9 of pentacles is “going at it alone” and being successful by the efforts of yourself only. The Dolphins may play an emotional game but just won’t quite get there.

Results: Chiefs over Dolphins

Broncos versus Seahawks

Broncos: The Devil
Seahawks: 6 of swords

So this replay of the last Superbowl is going to be interesting as the Broncos are going to fall upon bad habits while the Seahawks are literally going to sail to victory.

Results: Seahawks over Broncos

Steelers versus Panthers

Steelers: Page of Swords
Panthers: Temperance

Note: The Panthers are my team.   Okay, the Steelers are going into the game fighting and waging a sword and giving the Panthers Hell. While, if the Panthers play conservatively and balanced they do have a shot at winning. The Steelers might tire themselves out after the first quarter.

Results: A late in the game win by the Panthers over the Steelers, or a close game with the Steelers winning.


Bears versus the Jets

Bears: Eight of Swords
Jets: King of Swords

Looks like the bears are going to get tripped up and pinned down allowing the Jets to be successful. The Jets will have coaching and leadership on their side, and that may be what springs them to victory.

Results: Jets over Bears

Venus Retrograde in Natal Chart: An Unexpected Surprise

This planet has done a lot of damage to some of us. But use it to your advantage and love deeper and carefully.

Since I learned I have had Venus in Retrograde (In Scorpio AND my 12th House nonetheless) I have been weighed down by the impact this positioning has had on my life. This position of Venus has impacted my life in such a heavy way, I decided I wanted to share it.

It is a blessing in disguise.

I love more deeply. I love more wholly. I had to learn this so it has taken until my late 20s to fully understand love and beauty in all its glory. I still have some more growing to do in this first third of my life, because I haven’t had my Saturn Return yet.

Cafe Astrology describes my struggle in general astrological terms, and if you are a fellow Venus Retrograder, most likely yours as well. Click Here for that description.

My hair is a wreck. Constantly. I never know what to wear and that gives me anxiety attacks. Shopping and I are enemies. I like music that no one else does, appreciate art that others throw away, and desire color schemes that hurt eyes.  I’m allergic to make up, like unlikely foods that really should NOT be combined, and have a strange appreciation for what is “ugly.”

I can’t draw, or paint or do anything above what a second grader can do when it comes to the arts.

I was 100% consumed by relationships until my divorce. I stayed with a toxic man for way too long. I had no value unless someone loved me. I had no value unless someone said I was pretty. I wanted to be like everyone else, to be “normal” and to have a boyfriend like so many others did. I didn’t date until college. I had weird relationships with guys who didn’t deserve me. My self esteem was non-existent. I chased have guys who did nothing but torture me, or reject me in the worst way.

I just wanted to be loved.

And it wasn’t until I learned the hard lessons of divorce that it occurred to me that I’d been doing everything so horribly wrong.

Venus in Retrograde in the Natal Chart describes a hard journey of love, money, and self-acceptance. One loves so deeply and so constantly, it is often mistaken for obsession. Relationships are SO important to Retrograders, that they put that before anything and everything.

There is no need to do this. There is no need to suffer. It is about self love first and above all. Then others see your glory.

Even if you are a late bloomer, it is okay. Hug yourself more. Love yourself more. You’re being preserved for someone who deserves you. Just keep your chin up. Take risks. Follow your heart.

Don’t let anyone tell you, you aren’t worthy, that you don’t deserve love. Value yourself above all else. Others should fall in line behind you.

Be proud you took time to learn your lessons. That way you’ll make less mistakes and gain more wisdom to pass onto others.

Dance, even though the stars say otherwise.

Remember my astrology deal: Both Celtic Moon and Western Astrology Charts for a total of $30. Good until September 30th.

A Candle Magick Exercise for Building Energy Sensitivity

Candle Magick is often seen in Movies as an example of spell work. In this picture, the Yellow Aura around the flame is reflected by the yellowness of the candle. This is a very powerful connection.

I have a real life friend (and subscriber) who asked me an inspirational question today, though she did it in her Aquarian 5 or 6 question format. [I miss ya!]  Essentially she asked, “How do I learn to build my intuition and my energy sensitivity?” So I prescribed that she try a candle exercise. Then I realized I had 1 whole hour of downtime in between moving boxes to explain in detail a beginning exercise. So here it goes.

When I was beginning an exploration of magick in all its forms, I was often told that a candle can tell you how sensitive you were to energy. A candle was lit in front of me. I had to take my left hand [My passive or recieving energy hand] and try to draw the candle flame as far up as it would go. The longer the flame, the more energy sensitivity I had.  If I did the same thing with my active hand, I could manipulate the energy and draw it into myself.

A pretty neat concept isn’t it?

On some subconscious level it works. I showed a great talent in all candle aspects and have used lavender perfumed candles and wax to bless people to rid them of their bad thoughts and dreams. Being able to do this requires no skill level and can be a good benchmark of training yourself to be more sensitive.


A candle
Something to light it with
Water to put out the flame if something goes wrong


A ruler

First Lesson: Passive Hand Introduction

If you have NO idea if you are energy sensitive, try to get a red or a purple candle for best results. A yellow candle can work well too, but if you are energy sensitive, yellow candles can pull energy into your solar plexus chakra, and when overcharged, you can get some pretty bad heartburn.

Wave your passive hand over the candle flame a good 8 inches away a couple times. Make sure you don’t burn yourself. The point is to only use the energy of the candle and flame, NOT the actual flame.  Move your hand until you start to feel the energy or heat of the candle. Estimate how far away your hand is or you can get a ruler and measure it. This is your benchmark. Next, put your hand closer over the candle and let it sit there for about 3 seconds. Remember you should still be over the flame and shouldn’t be too close. Draw your hand up and see how far you can push the energy up. Do this about 3 times.

Second Lesson: Active Hand Introduction

Now, do the exact same thing but with your active hand. Your numbers should be greater than your active hand. If they aren’t you are a much better energy receiver than an energy giver. Think of yourself as a sponge.  Almost everyone should be a better giver than a receiver, but emphatic people have trouble giving their energy away. If you are an extra-good giver of energy, you need to be aware that your energy sets the mood and tone, and be mindful of that going into public and other places. You need to be grounded and centered often as you emit large energy waves.

Third Lesson: Energy Transference.

This is the fun part. Take the energy you feel and gather it in your active hand. Gather it in your hand for 5 seconds. Pass that heat on to your passive hand and take note of how you feel. You can also try this with friends and send energy between each other.  If you practice this part, it will be much easier for you to feel the energy of the environment around you.

After every energy transference with other people, you should ground and center [aka meditate and balance out your energies by asking the air or the earth to take the extra energy] and you should drink plenty of water as you will be drained.

I hope this was simple enough for you to practice!  Please leave a comment if you have a question or if something isn’t clear.


A Very Special Lammas Spread

My one-of-a-kind Three Harvest Spread for Lammas Weekend!

My one-of-a-kind Three Harvest Spread for Lammas Weekend!

The three columns are for August, September, and October, while the two touchstone cards are the themes and lessons over the next three months. This spread is only $7!

Merry Lammas! Eat all the corn and bread you want… or better yet…CORNBREAD!

What a novel idea.

❤ Praktical

How to Do The Celtic Cross Spread: A Tutorial in Perspectives

The Celtic Cross in all its glory.

The Celtic Cross in all its glory.

I do a beastly Celtic Cross. I don’t mean animals and griffins popping out of the cards, I mean in the gamer sense, where I have beaten the boss level and and waiting for the credits to roll. I don’t even like to brag, but I am confident.

The first spread I learned was the Celtic Cross. The spread I depend on when someone comes to me helpless or worried or just downright scared is the Celtic Cross.

So I’m gonna share with you what I know.

Cue Pretty Drawing by Moi:

The Celtic Cross Spread in all its glory.

The Celtic Cross Spread numbered and positioned.

1. The Hidden Agenda: Often us readers and the askers are not in control of a situation AT ALL. That’s where the hidden agenda card comes in. If there is something lurking behind the scenes, this is the card to catch it. Draw this card first, and place it face down. Do not reveal it until the present and influence cards have been revealed.

2. The Present Card: This one is easily describable as it depicts what is going on now.

3. The Influences Card: This card is what is externally influencing the current situation.

[Piece the information together now. Come up with the connections between the three cards and then discuss it with the asker.]

4. The Goal or Destiny of the Reading: What is the asker trying to do? This card should answer that question.

5.  Distant Past: What happened in the past that is influencing the present situation now?

6. Recent Past: What happened recently that has further influenced the present situation?

7. The Future: What is going to happen if the asker keeps going along the path the asker is on now?

[Piece the information together now. Reconnect all the cards and make sure you are getting the big picture.]

8. The Direct Revelation: What the asker NEEDS to know in order to affect the present situation.

9. The Environment or Timing: What are the extra external factors that are affecting this situation? What are the current trends that are affecting the asker?

10. The Emotions of the Asker: How does the asker really feel about the situation?

11. The Final Outcome: what is the verdict on how the situation will turn out.

Use this time to connect the future and the Final Outcome cards.

–End Tutorial, Begin Commentary–

The Celtic Cross in a sense tells the asker everything they already know, except for the direct revelation. Why on Earth is this spread so helpful and so popular?

The answer lies in the many perspectives that the asker and the reader are exposed to in the reading. In fact, if all the perspectives were sentient, they’d show entirely different people and entirely different stories.

The past influences are easily the motive: what is the purpose [end result] of this path? The external and internal influences show the many different positions that Time, Environment, Emotions, and Destiny impact a situation. You can tell any vantage point from this reading. You can see where the problems are. You can see what needs to be done to have a better outcome. And in fact, if this multi-perspective reading doesn’t reveal everything, that’s what extra cards are for.

The Celtic Cross is the holistic approach to a problem. Because of this, I call it one of the Problem Solving Spreads that take a lot of energy from the reader because of how many pairs of shoes the reader is putting themselves into.

Shameless Self-Promotion:

Get your Celtic Cross done for $10 anytime. Contact me directly at or through my website.

Tarot Tips: Reading for Children and Teenagers

Kids have problems too! Be sensitive to them and it can go a long way!


Though it is a boring title, there is a large amount of content that needs to be said about this topic. I asked a forum about how they felt and the majority believed that there should be some sort of 13 & up rule if you aren’t comfortable working with children.

Last night, I had two little kids [about 6 & 7] come right up to me and ask what they would be when they grew up. I have had fifth graders and middle schoolers curious or fearful about things and their parents have used tarot as a way to make them feel better.

It helps that I’m a substitute teacher and tutor as well as a tarot reader, and I know have to handle children of all ages and explain things in ways they can understand. Working with children outside of tarot can help me understand some of the things they might be going through that is different than when my generation was going through. I’m an older Millennial, so I have many things in common with today’s youth but it still has noted and poignant differences.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing a tarot reading for someone you feel is too young, it is your right to refuse service, however, if you explain why, it will be a better customer service moment than turning someone down and giving “they’re too young” as a reason.  Explain that sometimes tarot is better suited to people with actual questions, or someone who needs guidance on a situation. Explaining your position on the topic is always a better option than making someone feel like they were discriminated against, especially if they are a teenager.

Children 5-10

If you can remember what it was like to feel that age, you have a leg up on some of your competition. I’m lucky because I have a photographic memory and have relived several moments through dreams. Reading for this age can be tricky if you are not as sensitive.

Believe it or not, children in elementary school have concerns. They are concerned about their family, their friends, their invisible friend, their teachers, and their authority figures. They might have a bully. They might feel scared about school and violence. They might be worried about the world. These mini-adults do tune in very well to tarot and other supernatural events naturally because they know and believe.

The easiest way to read for this age group is to try to see the world through their eyes.

If you draw “The Lovers” it might be about their Best friend or their parents. The Tower, Death, and Devil cards may mean they are psychically in tune with spirits, or they might be cowering in fear over it. Use associations they are familiar with, and don’t be afraid to ask them easy questions. “Do you like your teachers?” “Are you afraid of a monster?” “What’s your favorite subject?” “Do you like Art or Music?”

Using school as a base, one can start putting together a mini story for them.  Using tarot to tell stories is a GREAT way to read for these kids! I drew, the 4 of pentacles, the 7 of pentacles, and the princess of pentacles one right after the other to explain to a boy what he was good at.  I told him the story of a girl who wasn’t willing at first to give up her treasure but eventually did. The girl who was given a gift grew that gift on a tree and started harvesting it. The harvesting made her wealthy enough to be a princess! I told him he was good at giving away and helping others out, and his gift always improved their life. I told him “he was one of the greatest helpers in his whole family!” The mother than told me he won “Best Helper” at the end of the school year in his grade.

Tweens 11-14

I broke this up into a separate category because there are clear differences between elementary and middle school. This group is ALMOST always afraid of peer situations of some sort. You can read tarot for them very similar to an adult, but switch any “work” references to school references. Romantic inclinations can be spoke with “Crushes”  and it is your responsibility, in my opinion, as an adult to encourage them to talk to a guidance counselor, doctor, or other figure if they have additional questions about the beginning of adolescence.

Also, the more personal power or more authority cards are drawn, the more it needs to be explained to them How to handle authority. The most drawn card I get for Tweens is the Hierophant. They really do hate and distrust authority because they are first learning their own opinions and beliefs. I encourage them to ask questions, and if they don’t like the answers to find the answer for themselves. I also emphasize the need to listen to instructions and listen to leaders to make sure they stay safe. I tell them that an adult’s main job is to protect them and that can make them feel restricted. I also tell them it is a difficult age and they need the support of friends, teachers, and their parents to get them through it.

This group needs to be reminded that their choices will make who they are, so if those cards involving good or bad choices are drawn, make sure they know they need to go their own away and not fall into pressure.

“But Praktical, isn’t this a biased way to read the cards?” In my opinion, no, because the audience make it different. You will normally have a parent watching. The moment you say something against what the parent may say, the child will be yanked away and you may not get paid or worse, the parent will complain. The integrity of a reading depends on the way you relate the cards to the audience.

Teens 15-18

Because they are mini adults themselves, you can read the tarot for them like a regular adult but focusing on school and college and career decisions. I encourage them to take internships and part time positions and apprenticeships [Especially with the 8 of pentacles] so they can get a leg up on their peers.

Most people have no problems reading for teens but reminding them that they DON’T always know better and encouraging them to find adults they can trust, even you, can be a good way to help them.


I hope you found this helpful. I’m sure this can be a very controversial subject, but in my experience, being realistic has always served me well. Luckily, I am put in a position to know more of what kids are going through because I work with them on an almost daily basis.

Building a connection with a child is based on trust and authority. DO NOT abuse it to insert your own opinions but encourage them to seek answers from people they trust. Alleviate their fear, and let them know they will be okay. Kids have problems too.